EV Chargepoint Grant: Everything You Need To Know

The EV Chargepoint Grant is a funding scheme that offers financial support to domestic households that are looking to build an EV charging point. It was originally set up in 2011 and has since been extended twice. The scheme provides up to 75% of the costs of a new charging station, with a maximum value of £5,000.

Who can apply for the EV Chargepoint Grant?

Are you an electric vehicle (EV) owner or thinking of making the switch to an EV? If so, you may be eligible for a grant to help with the cost of installing a home charge point. The EV Chargepoint Grant, which is also known as the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), offers up to 75% off the cost of buying and installing a home charge point, up to a maximum of £350.

The EV Chargepoint Grant is open to anyone who owns an electric car, van, motorcycle or plug-in hybrid vehicle that was registered after 1st January 2011. You must also have off-street parking, such as a driveway or garage, where the charge point can be installed.

If you think you might be eligible for the EV Chargepoint Grant, read on for everything you need to know about how to apply for it.

What is the EV Chargepoint Grant?

The EV chargepoint grant is a government initiative that provides financial support homeowners who want to install electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints. The aim of the grant is to help increase the number of chargepoints across the UK, making it easier for drivers to switch to EVs.

The grant offers up to 75% funding towards the cost of installing an EV chargepoint, with a maximum contribution of £350 per socket. Businesses and homeowners can apply for the grant by completing an online form on the government website.

If you’re thinking about installing an EV chargepoint, the EV chargepoint grant could be a great way to reduce the costs.

How much money does the EV Chargepoint grant give away?

The EV chargepoint grant provides up to £350 per eligible household towards the cost of installing an approved electric vehicle chargepoint. The money can be used to cover the cost of purchasing and installing a chargepoint, as well as any necessary electrical work required to support it. How will eligible households be selected?. The money is being distributed under a competitive bidding process overseen by the Department for Transport (DfT). All local authorities in England are eligible to apply for funding, and those that make successful bids will then select households on their council tax databases to receive support.

When will the deadline be to apply for the EV Chargepoint grant?

Although there is no deadline announced, these types of grants often change or expire. Once a grant scheme expires, no new applicants will be accepted but those with an application already submitted will still be honoured.

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